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What is Neurotherapy?
Neurotherapy involves measuring and training electrical signals generated by neurons using electrodes and a personalized stimulation protocol to improve brain functioning. Administered by our trained professionals in a clinical setting, this is a drug-free, long-lasting treatment used to modify and improve brain activity. Neurotherapy techniques are non-invasive, painless, and a safe way to treat a wide range of conditions, including:

What can Neurotherapy help with?

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Sleep Disorders
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Peak Performance
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Chronic Pain

What is a Brain Map?
The first step in Neurotherapy is getting a Brain map (QEEG). Using non-invasive methods to electronically measure and quantify brainwaves and provide real-time feedback, Brain Mapping (QEEG) provides an accurate understanding of how your brain is functioning and how it has responded to trauma and other stimulus. This first step in the assessment analyzes the functioning of your brain. The resulting data is processed and interpreted through a normative database in consultation with an encephalogapher.  A personalized Neurostimulation protocol is determined based on the results of the brain map and implemented by a clinician.

Brain Mapping

Following Your Map to Wellness

Your personalized Neurostimulation protocol aims to change the way your brain responds to certain stimuli and assist you in regaining voluntary control over your responses. Neurostimulation therapies use low-voltage electromagnetic or direct electric currents to modify brain activity and stimulate specific brain regions to retrain pathological brainwave patterns. This leads to increased blood flow, the growth of new blood vessels and assists with generating new neuron connections. Non-invasive elctrodes are placed on the head, and do not penetrate the skin. This treatment in many cases, is both more efficient and long lasting than traditional talk therapy as it works on enhancing neuroplasticity in the brain.

Your protocol will be implemented over 15 sessions, paced at 3 sessions per week for best results. During the session, done in a private room and administered by one of our clinicians, neurostimulation lasts forty minutes. Including setting up and cleaning up, each session lasts one hour.

Remap and compare results to assess progress and review treatment plan.

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